Meet Stella Nova

The New Star of
Personal Wealth

When it comes to your investment goals, you can reach for the stars with Stella Nova’s digital advice platform. Whether you are new to investing or looking to preserve your hard-earned assets, Stella Nova seeks to take the guesswork out of personal investment management and enable you to more easily navigate the path toward your financial objectives. With real financial professionals managing your portfolio, you gain access to professional asset management right at your fingertips.

Meet Captain Stella – Your Guide to Auto-investing.

Built with the future of financial advice in mind, Stella Nova is a robust digital advice platform designed for today’s investor. You’ll tap into a turnkey asset management program that is centrally managed by an experienced team of portfolio managers, analysts and strategists. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a selection of goals-based portfolios that are actively managed on a daily basis. Simply sign up, fill out the investment profile questionnaire and experience the automated asset management service.

Command. Ignite. Launch.

Your investment journey and goals are unique to you. That’s why we strive for a thorough understanding of your personal risk tolerance and objectives. With this knowledge, we can determine your particular investment level and develop a customized asset management road map that will help you meet your specific financial goals.


Take command of your financial future with Stella Nova by creating an account and choosing the path that aligns with your investing style. By answering a few questions, your profile will be determined by your risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, and investment approach.


Ignite your investment journey by identifying your goals and setting the course toward meeting your investment goals. Stella Nova’s auto-investment platform will take it from there by developing a customized road map with a balanced, flexible and diversified investment strategy.


That’s all there is to it. Your investment journey can now take flight and you can feel good about your financial mission and its course to success. Managing wealth can be challenging, but Stella Nova is here to help guide you every step of the way with our team of experienced asset managers who will work diligently to help you realize your long-term financial goals.

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You set the goal. We do the work.

Customized Strategies Tailored To Your Goals

A customized personal wealth strategy is within reach. Once you begin your investment journey with Stella Nova, our technology and experienced team of portfolio managers will put you on auto-pilot to assist in meeting your financial goals.

Investment Journey

Personalized finance planning unique to YOU

Your investment portfolio is curated with your individual goals in mind and provides a customized strategy for all stages of life. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your personal risk tolerance and investment objectives, the allocation is adjusted to meet your particular needs.

The Accumulation Phase

Growth of Capital

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The Preservation Phase

Conservation of Wealth

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The Distribution Phase

Distribution of Wealth

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You’ll receive a balanced and flexible investment strategy that’s tailored to your financial objectives. Not only will you get a customized portfolio, but our experienced team of investment strategists and analysts manage and monitor your account daily, so you don’t have to.

Unique to YOU

Tele Nova is a tool to help connect you with a financial advisor.

It is complete with full video chat features and a client vault to keep your information protected. Tele Nova pairs you with a financial advisor based on your specific needs and sets up a meeting with them. It’s like having a personal financial advisor sitting right next to you.