Investment Journey

Accumulate. Preserve. Distribute.

Your investment journey and goals are unique to you. That’s why we strive for a thorough understanding of your personal risk tolerance and objectives. With this knowledge, we can determine your particular investment level and develop a customized asset management road map that will help you meet your specific financial goals.

The Accumulation Phase

Growth of Capital

This initial investing period builds the value of your portfolio for future access. Through careful planning and potential long-term growth of accumulated capital, future goals may be achieved. Investments at this stage are typically geared toward the long-term with investable assets.

The Preservation Phase

Conservation of Wealth

In this secondary phase, investors primarily seek preservation of wealth. Risk mitigation strategies are implemented to champion consistency during periods of increased market volatility. Certain factors such as your age, dependents and annual income are considered when identifying the right investments for you.

The Distribution Phase

Distribution of Wealth

This is the third stage of your investment journey and the time to be most diligent with distributing your accumulated wealth. Income strategies during this phase are developed to consider the longevity of your investment goals.

No matter where you are in your investment journey, Stella Nova models are based on your individual level. They’re customized portfolio strategies that seek to mirror your particular requirements and designed to help you grow your wealth, preserve your nest egg and create income.

Stella Nova’s digital wealth management system and experienced portfolio management team offer a balanced, thoughtful and deliberate approach. We help you to select and manage a diverse investment mix of equity, bonds, alternatives and cash to help you easily achieve your financial objectives.

Real people doing real work.

Say goodbye to robo-advising. With Stella Nova, your finances are being managed by real people. You’ll tap into a turnkey asset management program that is centrally managed by an experienced team of portfolio managers, analysts and strategists.

We are here to help.

Stella Nova is currently in a beta testing environment and will be available to the public soon. If you are interested in learning more about opening an account, contact us today.